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The best ideal opportunity to visit Thailand is between November and February when the atmosphere is moderately cool and dry (25-32°C). While Bangkok for the most part observes unimportant temperature drop, the northern and northeastern regions can be fairly cold. Furthermore, on the off chance that you intend to go on an outing into the mountains, make certain to bring a sweater or comfortable coat.

December is the bubbly season, as in the West. Probably the most vivid celebrations, for example, Loy Krathong, Trooping of the Colors, and New Year’s, fall in this period. Significant shopping areas, especially those in Bangkok, add to the year-end soul by donning improving lights and Christmas-subject styles. The solitary downside for showing up during this period is that famous objections are packed, and lodgings are hard to come by. Costs for convenience, visits, transportation, and certain products are typically knock up to exploit the traveler’s deluge.

Showing up between March and May will get you directly through Thailand’s mid-year when temperatures can move above 40°C. Combined with high dampness, it might feel more like you are really in a goliath warmed broiler with no way out course, aside from intermittent visits to cooled shopping centers and feasting foundations. The rainstorm season (June-September) is normally exceptionally wet and damp. However, fortunately, you can generally hang out in a shopping center, spa, or café to get away from the hefty storms which as a rule don’t last more than several hours. Additionally, the downpour inhales new life in the open country, bountiful with rice fields and trees. Public parks and cascades are ordinarily at their best.

There are four broad areas in Thailand: Central Thailand, Northeastern Thailand (Isan), Northern Thailand, and Southern Thailand. Read our guides below to discover some of the best destinations across the Land of Smiles!

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