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Xenophobia? Germans reported to police for removing “covid-19 blockade”

by Sawadee Siam Staff Writers
Germans reported to police for removing covid-19 blockade

A group of German nationals who live in Chiang Mai with their wives has been reported to police for allegedly removing a coronavirus barrier.

The accused claim that the barrier was blocking the entrance to their homes on Moo 4 Nam Phrae in Chiang Mai and they could not access their property.

However, locals claimed that the blockage was put in place to stop the spread of coronavirus. They proceeded to make an official complaint to the police backed by the District Chief, Mr. Somsak Kanakham, who claimed the act was illegal.

The District Chief went so far as to call for prosecution and fines for the German nationals, even involving Chiang Mai Immigration in the incident.

While there are many lockdowns in place across the country, blockades such as this that stop people from accessing their homes may not serve any practical functionality in halting the spread of the virus.

This represents a growing number of xenophobic incidents happening across Thailand, with some locals blaming foreigners for the current situation.

The main focus of local lockdowns and restrictions seems to be in areas that are popular among tourists and foreigners such as Pattaya and Phuket with less forceful restrictions elsewhere in the country.

There was also a viral Facebook post on Spotlight Thailand this week that showed images of local Phuket residents aiming a slingshot at the camera with the caption “get out of my country if you cannot stay at home.”

This type of growing xenophobia will only serve to further damage the deteriorating tourism industry that Thailand depends on so heavily.

The investigation into the German nationals in Chiang Mai is still ongoing.

Source: Chiang Rai Times | Photo: Chiang Rai Times