Two new covid-19 cases reported from same family in Narathiwat

Two new covid-19 cases reported from same family in Narathiwat
Photo: Reuters

There were two new coronavirus cases announced today, Tuesday, May 19th taking the total number of covid-19 cases up to 3,033 in Thailand. No new deaths were announced, leaving the death toll at 56 for the 10th consecutive day.

The figure maintains Thailand’s low official reporting of coronavirus cases after only three new cases were announced yesterday.

The two new cases were both reported from Narathiwat province in the south of Thailand. The infected patients are the 36-year-old daughter and 42-year-old son-in-law of a previously know coronavirus positive person.

Of the people who have contracted covid-19 in Thailand, 1,186 people caught the virus from close contact with an infected person. 1,585 people who went to the hospital specifically for a coronavirus test or for other illnesses were found to have the virus.

There have been 100 cases discovered in people who are being held in state quarantine, 65 cases from people at immigration quarantine detention centers, 55 infections discovered from preemptive testing, and 40 cases found at land, sea, and airport international border checkpoints.

There were no new recoveries today with 120 patients remaining in hospitals receiving treatment for the virus.

Source: Department of Disease Control

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