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Thai Governors told to prepare for “next level”

by Maak Ditsungnern
Thai Governors told to prepare for next level

An urgent notice issued to all provincial governors across Thailand has warned them to prepare for the “next level” in the fight against coronavirus.

The notice, issued by the Ministry of Interior, told all governors in Thailand to have action plans ready for drastic measures if the government decides to take more serious action against the spread of the virus.

Included in the order are instructions to:

  • Prepare local quarantine facilities, including the use of private properties.
  • Be ready to set up makeshift hospitals and points for receiving donations and communicating with the public.
  • Help people better understand the need to fight the spread of covid-19.
  • Make a plan to prevent the hoarding of food.
  • Ensure police officers enforce the law strictly.
  • Have plans to transport goods and basic necessities.

The notice has led many to believe that a 24-hour curfew or a curfew expansion may be put in place following the next cabinet meeting on Tuesday.

Source: WorkPoint News | Photo: Reuters