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State of emergency begins today in Thailand

by Maak Ditsungnern
State of emergency begins today in Thailand

The Thai Prime Minister, Prayut Chan-o-cha, has informed the public of Thailand that the country’s fight against Coronavirus (Covid-19) will step up with immediate effect.

The country has declared a state of emergency beginning at midnight on March 25th which will remain in place until April 30th. During the announcement broadcast on live television, the Prime Minister also said he would be “in charge of every aspect” for the government’s efforts to fight the virus and control the situation.

The emergency decree applies to all areas of the country and could lead to curfews and other measures being put in place throughout the next month.

For now, shops and places selling food or essential items may remain open, however, all unnecessary travel is to be avoided. The Prime Minister also warned that people taking advantage of this situation for their own benefit will face fines and punishment.

While specific measures of the emergency announcement are yet to be related to the public, it was emphasized that people should stay at home if they can and take extra care to avoid contact with others.

It is expected that further measures will be announced in stages over the coming days.

Source: Bangkok Post

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