Pattaya hit-and-run being investigated by police (VIDEO)

Pattaya hit-and-run being investigated by police (VIDEO)
Photo: Facebook/Hill Tossawas

A hit-and-run incident that took place near Soi Khao Noi in Pattaya is being investigated by police after it went viral on social media.

The event took place on Thursday during a heavy rainstorm and involved a black Ford pickup truck being driven by a foreign female clipping a motorcycle with a heavily pregnant Thai woman riding on the back.

The truck was allegedly speeding along the flooded road, causing large waves to appear before it hit the motorcycle, injuring the pregnant woman on board.

Two men who were working in a motorcycle repair shop saw the incident and ran out to see if the injured woman was alright. They then pursued the vehicle and forced it to stop by parking in front of it, blocking the way.

A foreign male, who the two men claim was intoxicated, exited the passenger side of the truck, and pushed one the men aggressively, shouting at them to move.

The two men told him to wait for the police to arrive because the woman they had hit was injured. However, the man refused and got back into the vehicle which then sped away from the scene.

The altercation was caught on video and handed over to the police along with the license plate number. They said will investigate the matter.

The woman who was hit suffered minor injuries and said she does not want to pursue legal action against the driver.

Watch the video of the altercation below:

Source: The Pattaya News

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