No new cases but emergency decree extension on the cards

No new cases but emergency decree extension on the cards
Photo: Reuters

There were no new cases of coronavirus reported in Thailand today, but the government warned that people should still maintain caution as there is the possibility of undetected cases in the community.

Thailand has one of the lowest covid-19 testing rates globally and therefore it is highly likely that covid-19 positive patients, particularly those who are asymptomatic, are much higher than the official statistics suggest.

Despite the official number of cases remaining continuously low for several weeks, the National Security has recommended that Thailand’s state of emergency continues until at least the end of June.

Under the emergency decree, the government has the power to enact laws such as the night curfew that is in place between 11 pm and 4 am and banning inter-provincial and international travel.

An official announcement regarding the expected extension of the state of emergency is due on Tuesday after the proposal has been submitted to the cabinet.

Since May 8th, 45 people have tested positive for the virus, with almost half (20) of them becoming infected abroad before returning to Thailand.

The remaining cases are broken down as follows; 11 who were in close contact with previously infected patients, six from preemptive testing, five visitors to crowded places, and three who work in high-risk jobs.

There were an additional 13 recoveries announced today, taking the total number of recovered patients up to 2,910. Only 71 people remain in hospitals with the virus.

As of this morning, the number of infections globally stands at 5.19 million with 334,622 deaths.

Source: Department of Disease Control

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