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DLTV and online learning planned for schools that can’t reopen in July

by Maak Ditsungnern
DLTV and online learning planned for schools that can't reopen in July
Photo: Ascot International School

Schools across Thailand will be able to decide on an individual basis whether they should reopen on July 1st or continue with distance learning.

The Office of Basic Education Commission (Obec) has said that a one size fits all solutions won’t work and that they will “let each school make its own decision, with students’ safety as the bottom line.”

Schools that wish to reopen on July 1st must first seek permission from the local provincial governor with restrictions in place if the coronavirus still poses a risk in that area.

One workaround, mentioned by Obec Secretary-General, Amnat Wichayanuwat, is to allow one-third of students to attend class at a time while the others work on assignments at home.

There will also be strict regulations for schools that want to reopen in July such as areas for temperature screenings and the following of guidelines like face mas wearing and washing of hands.

Outdoor and extracurricular activities will remain banned from schools until there is no possibility of viral transmissions.

For schools that do feel it is viable to reopen in July there are two options being prepared.

The first is DLTV learning with students studying via television at home. 13 channels will be made available for DLTV and are being pushed as the main solution for students learning from home as no equipment such as laptops and WiFi is required.

The second solution is online learning via video chat software such as Zoom. Schools, where students have access to mobile phones, computers, and the internet, may opt for online learning as a solution until it is safe to reopen.

The Ministry of Education is expected to communicate relevant options to all schools in Thailand over the coming weeks to assist them with preparing for whichever option they choose to begin the new school year.

Source: Bangkok Post