Chiang Mai visitors required to share location via Line app starting today

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Chiang Mai visitors required to share location via Line app starting today
Photo: Line/14DAYS Application

All visitors who arrive at Chiang Mai International Airport will be required to provide a variety of personal information and share their location via a Line app starting from today.

The new rules have been implemented via an order from the Governor of Chiang Mai in cooperation with the Committee of Communicable Disease of Chiang Mai Province in a bid to prevent the spread of coronavirus throughout the province.

In what some may see as an invasion of privacy, the mandatory registration is required upon arrival at the airport and includes a host of personal information sharing.

Registration requests your name, purpose of visiting, and destination within the province. Upon completion of registration, users will receive a QR code which can then be presented to officials at the screening points to gain entry into the northern province.

However, the process doesn’t stop at registration as all arrivals are also required to use the official account on Line to share and update their location every time they leave their accommodation.

If visitors remain inside the accommodation and do not go outside, they must share their location on the Line app at least once per day.

Upon leaving Chiang Mai, users can choose to “check out” from the app and stop sharing their location with authorities.

If returning to the province, the whole process must be repeated again.

The app is available in both Thai and English. The infographic below demonstrates the process in full.

14 Days Application Infographic

Source: TAT

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