Cameroonian visa forger caught after breaking curfew in Khon Kaen

Cameroonian visa forger caught after breaking curfew in Khon Kaen
Photo: INN

A Cameroonian man has been apprehended by police after five years on the run when he was caught by officials for breaking the nationwide night curfew in Khon Kaen province.

The 37-year-old, identified as Sanaleonel, was part of a network of document forgers from Cameroon who specialized in faking visa paperwork.

The gang had initially caught the attention of police back in 2015 when they received information about a group of people who were forging official documents to assist other Cameroon nationals with staying longer in Thailand.

Officials from Khon Kaen Immigration along with local police arrested a handful of people in 2015 while others escaped and left Thailand. However, after running information through the biometrics system, police captured another gang member in 2019.

That arrest led to new information that some of the people from the forgery network remained in the country, including Sanaleonel. Details about his travel movements and car registration were given to the police.

Using this information, police managed to catch Sanaleonel when they stopped his car just after the 10 pm curfew. Upon checking his license plate the police arrested the Cameroon national and brought him to Ban Pai police station for prosecution.

Sanaleonel will face multiple charges including overstaying his visa as police discovered his visa had expired 1,780 days ago.

Source: Thai Residents

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