Home Business & Finance Thai PM seeks aid from Thailand’s 20 richest people

Thai PM seeks aid from Thailand’s 20 richest people

by Maak Ditsungnern
Thai PM seeks aid from Thailand's 20 richest people

Thailand’s Prime Minister, Prayut Chan-o-cha, has said he will pen an open letter to Thailand’s 20 wealthiest people for assistance in overcoming the country’s current economic crises.

The Pm also mentioned that he will seek input from business operators for ideas on how to revive the economy following major contractions this year due to the coronavirus.

Gen Prayut said he will send the open letter to the richest people in Thailand next week as they all have the potential to help the Thai population who are suffering at the moment.

It was revealed earlier this week that the government only has enough funds to pay for one month of the promised three months 5,000 baht handout for people who are struggling.

It is predicted that the Thai economy will contract by at least 6.7 percent this year mainly due to the sharp decrease in tourism. This is by far the worst economic contraction in the Southeast Asian region.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand has said that the forecast for international arrivals this year has been reduced from 40 million to 16 million due to the covid-19 pandemic and predicted that revenue could drop by as much as 63 percent this year.

The PM also stressed the importance of unity in the country and asked for political rivalries to be put aside during the crises.

Source: Facebook/The Reporters