Hospitals told to stop charging covid-19 patients

Hospitals told to stop charging covid-19 patients

The Thai Government has told private hospitals across Thailand to stop sending medical bills to coronavirus patients and their families after numerous complaints.

A regulation drafted by the Public Health Ministry, which concerns reimbursements for covid-19 patients, has already been initially approved and will take effect soon.

However, some private hospitals are still billing virus patients for treatment and services. In some cases, there have been bills in excess of 100,000 baht.

The Department of Health Service Support insisted that all costs from covid-19 treatments will be covered by Thailand’s health security funds.

The Social Security Office has also reiterated the regulations and rules for medical fees and service charges relating to coronavirus.

Out-patients will have expenses covered for lab tests and PPE used by medical staff up to 3,000 baht per time. In-patients will have expenses covered for drugs, and room charges at 7,200 baht and 2,500 baht per day, respectively.

Patients at private hospitals will have reimbursements made in line with the new regulations. However, citizens with private health insurance plans are urged to use their policies first.

Source: Bangkok Post

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