Home Business & Finance Fewer restrictions as many venues can reopen on Monday (full list)

Fewer restrictions as many venues can reopen on Monday (full list)

by Maak Ditsungnern
Fewer restrictions as many venues can reopen on Monday (full list)
Photo: Thai2Siam

Details about the third phase of easing lockdown restrictions have been announced by the Thai Government, including a wide range of venues, activities, and businesses that may resume operation.

The announcement was published in the Royal Gazette on Friday, May 29th, making the law official.

As part of the third phase of easing restrictions, the night curfew has been shortened and will now be enforced between 11 pm and 3 am, instead of 11 pm until 4 am.

Inter-provincial travel restrictions will also be relaxed with train and bus routes between provinces operating again with the exception of southern routes.

Measures regarding quarantine on arrival to other provinces will be left at the discretion of individual governors and therefore travelers should check with local authorities before traveling between provinces.

A range of businesses, activities, and venues may also reopen under the new rules. Below is a full list:

Shopping malls, community malls, and department stores can now open until 9 pm rather than 8 pm.

Convention centers and exhibition halls may open again. However, space must not exceed 20,000 square meters, and activities must stop at 9 pm. Competitions and promotional activities that may draw a large crowd remain banned.

Amulet markets may open again but cannot run promotions that may attract large gatherings.

Hair salons, beauty salons, and barbers can now offer a full range of services. However, customers may not wait on the premises and are limited to two hours at a time.

Child daycare centers can prepare food and beverages for parents to bring home to their children.

Beauty clinics, tattoo parlors, and piercing services may resume normal operations.

Wellness and health establishments, including Thai traditional massage houses and spas, may reopen. Massage parlors will remain closed.

Fitness clubs located both inside and outside of malls may reopen but must limit the number of people for group exercises. Steam and saunas will remain closed.

Gyms, boxing stadiums, and sports stadiums may reopen for training including basketball, football, futsal, and volleyball in the form of competition only.

Skating rinks, bowling alleys, and ballroom dancing may resume operations for exercise and practice only.

Water parks and facilities may reopen but must limit the number of people and may not host competitions.

Cinemas and theaters can reopen with a limit of 200 people at a time. Theaters can host traditional Thai performances only with concerts still not allowed. Cinemas must have three seats between viewers and not food is allowed.

Zoos can open again with a limit placed on the number of visitors at a time.

Schools may conduct admission exams and short training sessions but cannot open for normal classes yet. Private tuition schools for vocational training, sports, and arts can resume activities.

Finally, people may greet each other via a Wai from a distance of one or two meters. When meeting friends, people are advised to wear masks and to use personal utensils for eating. Buffet and shared foods remain prohibited.

Source: TAT