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Airlines, airports receive aid from Transport Ministry

by Kenneth Basilio
Airlines, airports receive aid from Transport Ministry
Photo: Flight Global

On Tuesday, Thailand Transport Minister, Saksayam Chidchob, signed a transport relief package aimed to alleviate the losses of aviation operators.

The package was given the green light at a Civil Aviation Committee (CAC).

The signed package will waive aircraft parking charges. It will also provide a discount on landing and takeoff fees to all domestic and international flights to and from the country.

The recently passed package improved the relief measures that were already provided at the onset of Covid-19.

The previous package included a 50% discount on parking fees.

Airlines, airports receive aid from Transport Ministry 1
Photo: CAAT

But under the newly-signed relief package, the parking fees of planes are now free until the situation returns to normal, according to Civil Aviation Authority (CAAT) Director-General, Chula Sukmanop.

The new relief package also upgraded the takeoff and landing fee discounts to cover all aircraft from all countries into and out of Thailand.

It only previously covered 11 countries from the region.

According to Director-General Sukmanop:

“The CAC meeting decided that the relief should be enjoyed equally by all airlines with flights into and out of Thailand,”

Airlines, airports receive aid from Transport Ministry 2
Photo: Bangkok Post

Additionally, Mr. Sukmanop stated that the deadline for airlines to pay passenger handling fees to the CAAT would be extended from 15 to 90 days.

The Department of Airport’s (DOA) request for financial aid was also approved in the CAC meeting.

The DOA, which supervises 29 airports throughout the kingdom, was told to prepare an estimate of its losses so that the government can adequately appropriate compensation.

As airports remained closed due to the pandemic before eventually allowing domestic flights, the air traffic control sector’s revenue remains at zero.

The Aeronautical Radio of Thailand, suffering from liquidation, asked the Transport Ministry to guarantee a low-interest loan for the agency.

It is evident that the pandemic incurred heavy losses to the industry of transportation.

Source: Bangkok Post